Orgoth's Journal

Investigating the Fang

I have finally arrived in the town of Sandpoint. It has been quite the trip south from Turtleback Ferry. I am hoping to find work, in Sandpoint as I continue looking for Shalelu, a female elf huntress that has been rumored to be in the region. It is my hope that she will be able to teach me further in the ways of the ranger so that I might finally join the Order of the Black Arrows.

The town seems friendly enough, and it wasn’t long before I met my first fellow adventurer; a well liked sorceress at the local taverns went by the name Altaaya near a job board at the center of town. We were both in need of some coin, and there was a bounty from Mayor Deverin for anyone willing to investigate rumors of a beast that had been attacking the livestock. The only clues were rumors of flight, and a long black fang found at the scene of the last attack. Together we headed towards the caverns, were this rumored Black Fang was hiding.

Near the entrance we discovered 2 goblins standing watch, these were easily dispatched as we made our way further into the cavern, stopping only to retrieve a small healing potion, and a masterwork dagger from a broken chest in the corner of the room. In the next room we found a fountain that glowed with a strange golden light. Hoping to heal myself I drank from the golden waters, and found it to be poisonous… I quickly drank the healing potion hoping to quench the burning in my gut. After the pain subsided, we began moving towards several loud voices from down the corridor discovering a goblin war party and their leader, Fat Mouth. Altaaya was able to woo the Goblins with her sultry voice, and they offered to help us find the owner of the black fang if we could recover a toy dragon that his sister had ran off with. We agreed and proceeded back the way we had come to finish exploring beyond the fountain.
Proceeding through a large stone door we discovered an altar with a large red stone. The room was bathed in a eerie red glow, and 2 large statues stood on either side of the altar. As I stepped into the room a large booming voice commanded “Approach with humility, and live” Thinking quickly I dropped to my knees and began to crawl as large balls of intense fire raged over head. I shudder to think what might of happened had I been standing. Upon reaching the altar I grasped the red gem in my hand, it was hot, burning to the touch but I held on and claimed my prize.
( I was later to find this was a rare gem, called an Energy Heart granting the bearer damage reduction against the elements. Altaaya and I decided to bring it to a local Jeweler who is crafting it into a set of identical rings.)
In the lower end of the room large cobwebs filled the air, and in the corner we found the remains of the goblins sister, still clutching the lost dragon toy. Around the corner rushing water could be heard, and Altaaya discovered a large stone pillar that bestowed the gift of Water Breathing to those who touched it. Just beyond was a swift flowing river that disappeared under the rocks. Hoping that this might be a secret entrance into the Black Fang’s Lair we decided to return the toy back to the Goblin band to see what other help could be offered.
it was odd, after returning the toy the entire goblin party seemed mesmerized by it. However Fat Mouth kept true to his word instructing us to strike at the Belly of the beast, and that Black Fang was indeed a young black dragon. As a final word of advice, Fat Mouth told me that a greater weapon might be found in the chamber of water.

Orgoth's Journal

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