Kheldar Devonsire

Nobleman Thief


Name: Kheldar Devonsire
Species: Human
Ancestry: Chelaxian
Feats of Varisia: City Born – Magnimar
+1 bonus on Reflex Saves, +2 bonus on Diplomacy checks.
Campaign Trait: Scholar of the Ancients
+1 trait bonus on Knowledge (history) and Knowledge (arcana) checks, and begins play able to speak and read Thassilonian.
Class: Rogue
Age: 24
Height: 5 ft, 6inches
Weight: 170 lbs

Hair: raven black
Eyes: sky blue
Skin: pale, fair skinned


Kheldar, son of Rheldar and Meera Devonsire, was born in the city of Magnimar. His family is new to the gentry, through the hard work of his father, and grandfather before him, Kheldorath. Starting as a low-born thief, Kheldorath overcame great adversity to become a wealthy merchant and earned enough coin and prestige to buy him and his family’s way into the minor nobility of the cities upper class.

Those gains often came from adventuring, thievery, smuggling, and other illegal means. The small fleet of 11 trading vessels owned by the Devonsire family bring in a variety of exotic and valuable goods, some traded openly at market, others secretly to fences within the city walls. Close-knit ties with former “business partners” gives the family a fair number of footpads and ne’er do wells that can be called upon at need, alongside the members of the house who wear it’s livery in the open (a black raven in flight on a blue and white field).

With his family’s fortunes all but assured, Rheldar tries to groom his son into a model nobleman and to take over the family mercantile fleet. Yet Kheldar is often nowhere to be found, hidden in his room, the city library, or perched upon the roof of his family home with his nose in a book. Of quiet and introverted nature, Kheldar has a relentless habit of reading any book, tome, or scroll he can get his hands on. He finds the monotony of the merchant trade boring, and the other gentry as stuck up fools.

Kheldar has always looked up to his grandfather, Kheldorath, from whom he was named after. As a child he spent many a day sitting by his side, listening over and over to the many wondrous tales of his grandfather’s adventures as a thief. As he grew older, he even learned some of the “family trade” in sleight of hand, lock picking, and sneaking, much to his father’s dismay.

Now with his grandfather passed away from old age Kheldar, surrounded by family, finds himself quite alone. Never a very outgoing man, he wished he could remain in his quiet life with his books, yet a part of him still yearned for the excitement his grandsire told him of in all those stories. With some hesitation, but a drive he could not stop, he took up his grandfather’s old thieves gear. He left hearth and home behind, to make his own story.

Kheldar Devonsire

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